About Us

Welcome to SPS Solar. We are Premier Sales and Service Agents for Lorentz Solar Pumps, Davey, Grundfos and Pumpmaster electric pumps, commercial and domestic grid connected, hybrid and off grid (remote) solar systems, Pioneer water tanks and designers of stock watering systems and remote monitoring. Our number one priority is our customer, we make sure all our products are the highest possible quality available and we will do our best to look after our customers with our professional team and ongoing backup and support.

We like to stay at the forefront of our industry, we are the leaders in large scale solar pumping system design and implimentation. Our most exciting new groundbreaking project was completed at Narromine, NSW. This installation is not only the first of its kind but is Australia's largest stand-alone solar pump! Comprising of 400 ground mounted panels, the 100kW solar array powers a 55kW submersible pump 90m below ground level which is capable of moving over 5 million litres of water per day! This system has been fully designed and installed by our outstanding team of specialists and will save tens of thousands of litres of diesel per year.