Commercial Solar

Solar is a cost-effective and easy way for businesses to significantly reduce and stabilise their operational costs, improve cashflow as well as reduce their environmental footprint.

Commercial solar installations can provide bottom line benefits like no other investment.

Reduce overheads

The majority of commercial and industrial situations consume power during daylight hours, commercial solar systems have the capacity to eliminate up to 100% of daytime consumption.

Our feasibility analysis will ensure critical visibility, not just on the upfront cost of your system, rebates and incentives, but the specific impacts on your cash flow, exact payback periods and projected cash savings over the 25-year life of your investment.

Commercial Solar Capability Statement

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4. Solar Capability Statement

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Commercial Solar Process

SPS will design a site specific solution for your business through sophisticated energy analysis and site monitoring to ensure measurable, predictable, reliable returns on your investment – well into the future.