Stock + Domestic

Solar powered submersible bore pumps are the most common application for stock and domestic sites with pumping heads of up to 200m easily achievable. The same pump can also be installed into a creek and river or a dam or even be used as dam to dam or tank transfer pumps.

Design + Installation

A solar pump design combines a wet end, motor, solar controller and panel array to power the pump. The combination of these three major components is directly proportional to the duty or required litres per day and the vertical lift (also known as head).

A low vertical lift combined with a moderate water flow rate requires a lot less power, or in other words, less solar panels. If your water pipes are long, narrow, and/or the flow rate is high, pipe friction will also need to be considered.

Pumps + Components

SPS Solar and Water team will ensure the most appropriate combination of components based on your specific site assessment and required duty. We can also assist with stock water design including the supply and installation of stock troughs, poly pipe and fittings, water storage tanks and related equipment.

Our pumps can be freighted to you as a DIY kit; pre-wired and tested, packed onto a palled for self-installation. Alternatively, our experienced team of pump technicians can install your system for you.

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