Installation, compliance and safety

SPS do not aim to be average; we design and engineer your system to outperform the minimum Australian standards through experienced engineering, procurement and construction systems.  It is our intention to overdeliver.

Legislative Compliance

Our dedicated and experienced inhouse team of designers, engineers and electricians are CEC Accredited according to Australian Standards ensuring all our projects operate in accordance with Australian electrical and photovoltaic standards.

Installers Compliance

Our installation crew are capable, practical and experienced and are involved in ongoing education to exceed expectations in standards and safety. However, we look for more in a team member than just certification and compliance, we select based on character and attitude that is in line with our core belief to do the right thing, with a focus on our customers and excellence.

Our team communicate through sophisticated management software ensuring a seamless transfer and sharing of information that eliminates error, oversights and lost time incidents.

Procurement & Product Compliance

Through consistent research and industry immersion, it is our aim to offer best in class solutions that contribute to the longevity and success of your investment.

We are committed to sourcing our equipment from ‘best in sector’, through strong relationships, reputation and longevity in the Australian market.