On-Grid Process

To get a great outcome, you need a great process to ensure you have a seamless install and connection of your solar system.

We assess and analyse your site to accurately forecast your payback period and predicted returns over the life of the installation.

This includes variables that may impact production, such as design, components, aspect, your current power purchase agreement, rising energy costs, and seasonal impacts according to your location.

Our residential Grid Connect solar process can be broken into the following 6 steps:

Site Inspection & Load Profile

Our expert team carefully check your power & site, including meter box, cable sizes, roof space and power bills to ensure the we can fit the right size system to generate the best savings and return for your installation.

We also analyse where the power is being consumed in your home in combination with your household habits and come up with a Load Profile.

Proposal and Approval

According to your site inspection and load profile, a recommendation is presented to you, your questions answered and approval completed. Your deposit will allow us to block your project into our schedule and order components in readiness for your installation.

Permission to Connect

We can do this for you. Submitting your site details, measurements, proposed system components and power connection requirements to Essential Energy (or the Distributor in your area) and gain their approval to connect your power generator (solar system) to their grid (power lines).


Connection approval is usually received within 7-14 days after which, we approve the schedule for your installation with you. Most domestic systems are installed in 1-2 days.


Your project manager will run through your new solar installation with you either in person or over the phone at a time suitable to you within approximately two weeks from your installation. Your Solar System Handbook will be emailed to you containing safety information, compliance, warranty and components specification documentation.


On completion of your installation, SPS will compile and email all required documentation to progress your Smart Meter Upgrade request with your power retailer (who you buy your power from). Most retailers do not charge for this process, but you should check with yours. This is also a great opportunity for you to negotiate a new agreement and solar Feed-In-Tariff (FIT).

Communication must be undertaken by the electricity account holder (you) and your supplier however we will always be on hand to help you through this process.

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