Off-Grid Process

To get a great outcome, you need a great process to ensure you have a seamless install and connection of your Off-Grid system.

Our remote solar projects always begin with a site assessment. Once we understand your budget, current and future load profile and aspect at your site, we can design the perfect solution for your off-grid installation.

Off grid projects can start as small as a couple of lights in a shed, a weekender, a family home with high loads or an irrigation pump required to run 24 hours (see solar pumping).

Our typical off-grid project lifecycle will include the following 4 steps below

Site Inspection and load analysis

Our expert team carefully check your site, or if you are under construction, an assessment can also be made based on your plans. We list and analyse what your load will be, develop a predicted average daily (24 hour) consumption and establish your daily load profile. This information is used to plan and design your off grid solar system.

Proposal & Approval

According to your site analysis, a recommendation is presented to you, questions answered and approval completed. Your deposit will allow us to block your project into our schedule and order components in readiness for your system installation.

System Installation

After confirmation of components availability, we approve the schedule for your installation with you. Most domestic systems are installed in 1-2 days within 2-4 weeks from order. If you have a timing restraint, we will do our best to work with you. All systems are installed by our CEC Off Grid Certified Installers to Industry Standards.

System Run-through & Handbook

Your project manager will run through your new solar installation with you (or over the phone in remote situations) at time suitable to you within 7-10 days of installation. Your Solar System Handbook will be emailed to you containing safety information, compliance, warranty and components specification documentation.

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