Our feasibility analysis collects necessary data required to build critical visibility for you on the upfront cost of your system, required certifications necessary and available rebates and incentives.

Most importantly, this analysis will allow accurate system design and transparency on specific impacts to your cash flow, payback periods and projected cash savings over the 25-year life of your investment.

Energy Data Analysis

Through industry leading software, minute by minute energy analysis specific to local meteorological information collected from your site, we will calculate your site consumption profile.

Using this precise data, our engineers design your solution according to available sunlight, roof surface, aspect, consumption dips and peaks and power factor considerations.

System Design – Feasibility Study

To establish the most effective solar design for your site we build three initial perspectives; the first is a physical site inspection, then analysis of structural engineering certification and finally, we learn about your business.

Data collected allows a detailed understanding of your site and its particular locational idiosyncrasies in combination with your business workings and energy provider tariffs and loadings.

Our hands-on design process allows us to offer a holistic solution to protect your long-term business future with a solar asset.

Project Preparation And Planning –
CDC/DA Applications For Large Projects

We ensure your project meets Complying Development and Development Application codes relative to your local council and state prior to installation.

Our dedicated electrical engineer will oversee all council applications in a professional and timely manner, ensuring commencement dates are kept in accordance with local development standards.