Reporting & Audit / Service

Energy assets require detailed monitoring and maintenance to allow ongoing, trouble free performance. All projects are consistently monitored to allow peace of mind and asset protection to our commercial customers.

Monthly Reporting

Through sophisticated and accurate reporting tools, our monthly report outlines the status of your solar system performance. Software connected to each system enables detailed information back to businesses highlighting savings, targets and performance.

Reporting data can also act as an early warning system to any potential faults or issues the installation may be experiencing.

Annual System Audit

In addition to your monthly system reporting, a detailed performance audit is completed every 12 months from commissioning. Production and consumption are tracked to ensure your system is performing in line with its 5 Year Generation Guarantee.

If a systems performance falls below target, the customer is eligible for a Lost Generation Claim. This is detailed within the Solar Feasibility Study at the beginning of the project and will act as the record for future claims.

Future Planning

No business is standing still, if you are not growing you are dying. If your business needs to expand its solar asset or requires a technology upgrade our monitoring will allow visibility on the economic tipping point for this consideration to be made.

Upgrades can be managed into bite-sized chunks and may include technology, photovoltaic expansion, battery storage or a tariff revision.