On-Grid & Hybrid Solar

At SPS we pride ourselves on our quality Residential Solar installations delivered by a local in house team, awesome service & market leading products.

A grid connected solar system collects electricity produced by solar panels and offsets this against the electricity you purchase from your energy supplier. This is On Grid Solar.

When you add storage (batteries) they can assist in covering high loads or night time consumption, it becomes a “hybrid” system

The financial benefits installing solar cannot be disputed, add to this the positive environmental impact and all that remains is ensuring a well-designed, compliant and quality system with a company that provides support for the life of the system.

Payback Periods

For most home solar setups, it usually takes about 2 to 4 years to recover the initial investment, which is known as the payback period. Once the system is up and running, you get to enjoy free energy for years to come! Good-quality installations can last around 25 years, making it a smart and sustainable choice for the long haul.

On-Grid Hybrid (Solar + Battery)

When you add a storage battery to your Grid Connected solar system it becomes a ‘hybrid’ system.

In many residential situations, a large portion of a household’s energy consumption is at a time when the sun is down and the solar system is least productive. This can often be resolved by adding a battery storage component so excess power generated during the day can be used at a time when the load is greater.

Every residential system SPS install is battery ready, so if the future for you includes an Electric Vehicle, (or other energy loads not yet present) your system has the capacity to add storage.

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On-Grid Process

Analysis undertaken in your initial site assessment allows SPS to accurately forecast your payback period and predicted returns over the life of the installation.

On-Grid Components

We only work with trusted, major brands and design your solution to suit your economic and operational requirements for now and into your future with the best possible components to offer you the greatest longevity and performance your budget will allow.