About Us

Welcome to SPS Solar. 

Solar Pumping Solutions was founded in 2003 with a sharp focus on solar solutions for moving water and reducing energy costs across regional Australia. With the highest standards, we have kept at the forefront of our industry, leading in large scale solar pumping system design and implimentation.

With a niche that covers both solar power (on and off grid) and water pumping, we can offer customers leading expertise in this growth area.

Our WORLD FIRST, groundbreaking solar diesel hybrid pumping project was successfully completed at Narromine, NSW in 2015. This installation is not only the first of its kind but now, after more than three years of seamless operation, has produced savings to the customer of 70% of their diesel consumption in their cotton irrigation enterprise. Comprising of 400 ground mounted panels, the 100kW solar array powers a 55kW submersible pump 90m below ground level which is capable of moving over 5 million litres of water per day! This system has been fully designed and installed by our outstanding team of specialists and will continue to save tens of thousands of litres of diesel for our customer every year.

Solar power can produce ongoing savings for everyone, residential or businesses, rural or urban. In particular, commercial installations can offer a substantial improvement against an organisation's bottom line. Whether you are running diesel pumps or large electric irrigation pumps, or operating a business in town, we have the inhouse expertise to design a solution through sophisticated energy analysis and monitoring to ensure measureable, predictable, reliable returns on your investment - well into the future.

SPS Solar is committed to providing turnkey solutions to both large and small scale projects, offering simple and affordable solutions for all customers.