Coffin Creek Angus

“Having good access to reliable, clean water on good trough systems is making a massive difference for us. Initially we approached Steve, he came out onsite and scoped the project for us and from then it was a seamless system and a really simple process. Its sunny more than its windy, its free, once its in it is set and forget, we put in over two years ago and haven’t had to look at it once. Compared to the ongoing maintenance of the windmill which seemed to be whenever we had cattle on troughs, solar is a no-brainer in my book.”


Location: Mudgee

Connection: Off-Grid

Array Size: 1.3kW

Avg. Daily Production: 1,200 Lt/hr, 160M VERTICAL LIFT

Coffin Creek Angus run Seedstock operation comprising approximately 300 head of breeding cattle. Jack’s brief to SPS Solar + Water was to replace an old windmill on an existing bore with a solar pump to supply water for their operation. The bore had a total depth of 16m (53 feet), a standing water level at 5.5m (18 feet), and a narrow 4-inch casing. Water was to be pumped from the bore up to holding tanks 800m away with a further 50m vertical lift bringing the total vertical lift to 70m.

SPS Solar specified and installed a Grundfos SQF 1.2-2 Submersible Pump with CU200 controller powered by a 5 x 260 watt ground-mount solar array. This system is capable of pumping up to 1200 litres an hour up to 160m lift.