Welcome to SPS Solar + Water. We are home to a talented team including designers, technicians, human resources, electrical engineers and installers with diverse experience across the solar and water industries.

We are located in the regional centre of Mudgee, and our work spans across NSW and Australia.

Solar + Water

With a niche that combines solar power and water pumping, we are leaders in this specialised area.

We work equally well with small residential jobs right through to large commercial projects.

Solar power, either as its own solution or in combination with batteries or a well-planned water pumping system, can produce significant ongoing savings for residential or businesses, rural or urban applications.


Commercial solar will deliver benefits to your bottom line like no other investment.

The data collected during planning for your project allows analysis, design, construction and ongoing monitoring to ensure the most effective solution. Our commercial range includes grid-connect and off-grid solar systems for industrial, agricultural or commercial business operations.

A commercial solar system will drive strong economic return and a sustainable future.


Residential, Hybrid & Off Grid installations can offer a substantial reduction in your power bills while helping our environment.

Reduce your household power bills with rooftop solar, cover off your night time consumption with a hybrid battery system or power your dream home in a remote location, whatever your plan, we have the solution for all your residential requirements.

Whatever the application

We have the in-house expertise to design a solution to ensure measurable,
predictable, reliable returns on your investment – well into the future.