Solar Pumping Process

SPS will design a site-specific solution for your pumping project, beginning with a site assessment to ensure correct design is achieved. Our pumping specialists focus on giving you, the customer, measurable, predictable and reliable returns on your investment. We can design and construct your pump on site or freight to you as a kit.

Our solar pumping solutions process can be broken into the following steps:

Site and duty analysis

We talk to you about the specific requirements at your site, how much water do you need, where are you pumping from and what is the supply etc etc. Through this analysis, we calculate the duty for your pump project. In most cases, this work can be done using sophisticated mapping software, in other circumstances, we will arrange a site visit with you.

Bore Testing – where necessary

If you have an existing bore that has not been used for some time, an old windmill that needs replacing and you are unsure of what the bore is capable of, or even a new bore that needs very specific production and capacity data SPS Solar can arrange to have your bore tested.

From a low-flow, shallow well through to an irrigation bore delivering Megalitres a day, SPS Solar have the equipment, team and experience to get the information you need to enable an accurate recommendation and to equip your bore.

Project Proposal

According to your site analysis, a recommendation is presented to you, questions answered and your signed approval completed. Your deposit will allow us to block your project into our schedule and order components in readiness for your project.

Installation and commissioning or freighting your DIY Kit

Your project will generally be installed within 7-14 days from your approval, on larger projects timing will vary. As soon as your system components are in stock, we will schedule your dates with you. Most pumping systems are installed in one day, larger projects will vary and planning will be negotiated to ensure it suits your schedule.

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