Phil Harding

Phil came to SPS Solar with a $1000 / quarter residential power bill he wanted to reduce. He was living in town in a Heritage Listed home with two full time residents. Phil was running ducted air-conditioning to heat and cool his home in addition to an electric bore pump to supply water for the large garden.

Project: Domestic

Location: Mudgee

Connection: On-Grid

Array Size: 7.8kW

Storage Capacity: 4.8kwh

Avg. Daily Production: 39kwh

Phil wanted a quality system that would produce enough power to cover his daytime use as well as a battery bank to provide storage for night time consumption. Phil wanted good warranties and a company that would support him with ongoing backup over the life of the system.

SPS Solar installed a 7.8kW Grid Connected solar system combined with Enphase microinverters, and 4 x 270w 1.2kWh 230vac Enphase AC Batteries as well as Enlighten reporting so Phil could view and manage his consumption and production.

Phil Harding said:
“Our bills were so big 4 years ago, up to $1000. We thought we would try solar and try to fit as much as we could get on the roof. We are grateful we did; our bills are now down to about $100, we can get through without paying anything, it’s basically free.

The Enlighten [reporting] App is great you can see what you are producing, and when you are producing it,  if you want to be thrifty and conserve energy you can, and if you are lazy and use it [power] whenever you feel like it, you can still get away with only a small bill.

They [SPS Solar] were easy to deal with, not knowing anything about it [solar] they were good at explaining it in laymen’s terms to me. We can have everything running and still export power to the grid, it is a bonus I did not expect.”