Pioneer Tanks

Pioneer Tanks

Australian rural communities depend on water storage systems to survive. For over two decades, Pioneer Water Tanks has supplied rural Australia with water tanks for all types of farming and domestic applications. Built with strong and durable BlueScope Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel, Pioneer Water Tanks can be designed to fit your environment. With sizes ranging from 12,000 to 370,000 litres, Pioneer have the right size tank for your requirements.

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Pioneer Water Tank under construction

Pioneer Authorised Agent, Local Service

Pioneer's extensive Distributor Network is one of its key strengths. As your local authorised agent we ensure you receive the best service from start to finish. We are a local business who understansds specific conditions relative to this are and are able to advise and help accordingly. 

Pioneer Water Tank - Fire Tested

A pioneer tank (lined steel water tank) was subject to a 30 minute flame immersion test conducted by the Australian Government's Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre in 2006. The Pioneer tank maintained structural integrity and proved able to retain water during and after the fire front, essential elements for fire protection.

Pioneer tank fire test

Allocate a Fire Reserve in a Pioneer Tank

Pioneer tanks are an ideal solution as a back up for domestic fire protection. With the constant threat of bush fires in Australia, Pioneer tanks can be used to protect lives and homes. With the addition of just one fire fitting, you are able to ensure a fire reserve is available in your domestic tank.

Ease of Transport

A typical tank kit is less than 10% of the installed size, enabling easy transportation to remote and inaccessible sites.

Safety and Durability

Pioneer Water Tanks' unique 8-80 nV Lock wall panels absorb earth movement while allowing them to be bolted together using fully enclosed bolt strips. This results in a tamper proof, safe, reliable tank.

Pioneer tank V-lock profile

5-layer Aqualiner

Manufactured from reinforced, food grade polyethylene, the Aqualiner is approved to Australian, American and British Standards for contact with portable water.

Aqualiner can also rejuvenate your leaking tank by fitting the heavy-duty liner inside your existing concrete tank. The Aqualiner can be custom made to fit most water tank shapes and types and comes with a 10 year conditional warranty.

Providing the tank structure is sound, a new Aqualiner can be fitted, saving on the replacement cost of a new tank. All necessary accessories and installation can be arrangeed.Extend the life of your tank with qwuality and reliability the Aqualiner can provide.

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