Bore Testing

If you have an existing bore that has not been used for some time or an old windmill that needs replacing and you are unsure of what the bore is capable of, SPS Solar can arrange to have your bore tested.

Whether it be a low-flow, shallow well or an irrigation bore delivering 8MEG a day, SPS Solar have the equipment, team and experience to get the information you need to enable an accurate recommendation and quote to equip your bore.

Large or small, Bore testing is critical. Bore testing will determine the quantity of water the bore is capable of producing and maintaining as well as the pumping depth, which will ensure you have an accurate measure of how much water is available to you for your particular project. Pumps are designed to operate within specific operating parameters around water flow, and head. If you don’t test a bore you can end up with a pump that is too large (pumping a bore dry) or too small (wasting available water), both of which will cost you money.

Solar Pumping Solutions lives and breathes pumps, we have extensive knowledge in the industry and will ensure you have the right advice for your pumping project.

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