Solar Power

Solar Power

Grid Connect solar installation on roof

As a consumer, in the fast changing solar landscape, it can sometimes be difficult and confusing to understand the options available to you when it comes to solar. Lucky for you, SPS Solar is well versed and very experienced in all these options. This is a summary of what you have available to you from a domestic and commercial capacity.

Grid Connect Solar

In Australia, most modern solar systems are grid connect. A grid connected system is linked to the mains electricity grid and doesn’t require the use of batteries. Any excess power your solar panels generate is fed back into the grid and you will be paid a feed-in tariff by your electricity retailer.

Hybrid Solar

‘Hybrid’ can refer to a power system that is driven by two or more renewable energy sources, often wind and solar power.
For the Australian market however, the term ‘hybrid solar system’ is generally used to describe a solar powered system that is connected to the mains grid, but also has a battery backup facility to store excess power.

Stand Alone Solar (or off-grid)

As the name suggests, stand-alone or off grid power systems are not connected to the electricity grid. Commonly used in remote areas where mains power isn’t available, a stand-alone solar power system operates independently of the grid and requires backup batteries to store power. An off grid system is also more affordable than connecting to the mains electricity grid.

Portable or Camping Solar

There are portable solar systems available for a wide range of applications including farming, fishing and camping. Designed for constant mobility, portable solar panels are typically lightweight and robust and can be set up quickly to provide power in situations where mains electricity is unavailable or difficult to access.

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