Yingli 280 Watt Monocrystalline N-type Solar Module

Yingli 280 Watt Monocrystalline N-type Solar Module

With an efficiency of up to 20.1%, the Yingli PANDA Series has one of the highest solar panel performance ratings in the world.

The standard-sized PANDA 60 Cell is ideal for solar electrical systems where efficiency is essential, ranging from residential and commercial projects to large-scale power plants.

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Packing more solar power capacity on your roof while delivering higher cash flows, Yingli Solar’s PANDA technology gives you more. Yingli's PANDA-series solar panels use n-doped silicon instead of the industry-standard p-type silicon. Key advantages of n-type modules include insensitivity to metallic impurities, a more efficient conversion of infrared light into electricity, and a lower initial degradation rate. Combined with high transmission glass, the result is a highly efficient, next-generation solar panel that delivers impressive performance.

• Ideal for commercial and residential projects where energy output is essential.

• High power density PV modules with high efficiency solar cells based on n-type silicon.

• Superior performance at high temperatures

• Maximises performance in low light conditions

• Durability to handle harsh Australian conditions

• Higher solar yields mean lower costs in the long term.

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Additional Information

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