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Efficient Solar Pumps

Solar Pumping Solutions supplies a wide range of solar water pumps, tracking frames and related electronic and hydraulic components, including Lorentz Pumps—the world’s most efficient, reliable and economical solar pumps.

Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient and durable solar pumping solution available for your specific needs.

Solar Pumping Solutions vehicle beside solar pump installation Ilford, NSW

Together with the most advanced companies in this sector, we bring you an outstanding range of solar and pumping products that are the highest quality in the industry. Used worldwide in both rural and urban areas, our products have tested and proven themselves throughout the east coast of Australia and into the outback, where dust, rain, extreme temperatures and poor groundwater quality are commonplace.

Photovoltaic panel used with solar pumps

We take care to ensure you are satisfied well and truly after your purchase, with generous warranties and ongoing after-sales support.