Outback Energy Cell OPzV-750 Tubular Gel

Outback Energy Cell OPzV-750 Tubular Gel

Energycell OPzV battery Cell, 2V, 802 Ah

  • Designed for renewable energy applications
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Hardware and intercell connects included
  • 3,000 cycles @ 50% DOD
  • Optional 24V + 48V racks and breaker disconnects available
  • 3-year full replacement warranty
$662.25 (inc GST)

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Product Description


EnergyCell OPzV is an energy storage battery developed for applications requiring regular deep cycling.

Maintenance-free energy storage solution that offers significant benefits in terms of cost per cycle, combined with the highest level of reliability and performance even for remote installations where long discharges occur and excellent recharging properties are essential. Optimum design, exclusive use of high quality materials, robust construction and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes make EnergyCell OPzV batteries an ideal solution for demanding Renewable Energy Storage applications.

Three Reasons to Choose the EnergyCell OPzV from OutBack Power:


• Batteries designed for residential or light-commercial off-grid renewable energy power demands

• Tubular gel plate design maximizes high cycle life in demanding off-grid environments

• 3,000 cycles at 50% DOD


 VRLA Tubular GEL technology means no periodic watering of cells or retorquing terminal connections

• Space-saving rack design when installed with matching rack

• Includes intercell connects and top access to cell connections

• 3 year full replacement warranty

• OPTICS RE connectivity means real-time access to critical battery performance data

• Batteries and power electronics can be installed in the same area1


• Optimized to work seamlessly with OutBack power conversion equipment

• Ease of ordering with SystemEdge package configurations— to learn more visit www.outbackpower.com

• Single point of contact for all technical system inquiries

• Quality and reliability from OutBack Power assures customers receive the best technologies for renewable energy systems in the market today

Downloads & Specifications

Additional Information

Additional Information

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PDF Download - Outback EnergyCell OPzV Tubular Gel - Battery Specification Sheet

PDF Download - Outback EnergyCell OPzV Battery - Users Manual