Norma Push Fit PP Male Threaded Adaptor (MA) 20 x 3/4"

Norma Push Fit PP Male Threaded Adaptor (MA) 20 x 3/4"

Farmbot Water Level Monitor includes custom setup and configuration according to client, storage and user details

  • Tank level up to 5.7 metres
  • Simple robust sensor module designed to be installed in less than 10 minutes
  • The simplest and easiest service available on the market
  • Sensor modules are solar powered and require no maintenance

Purchase price includes payment for the monitor only. An additional ongoing, monthly Service and Data Subscription fee of $40.00 will be charged in addition to this purchase.

$3.80 (inc GST)

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Product Description


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The Farmbot Sensing Service has been designed and manufactured in Australia and uses a Global Satellite service to provide reliable access across the planet. The Database and Web applications are hosted in Amazon Web Service. Farmbot is unique because: It has been designed to be installed and used by non technical users - You dont have to pay for expensive technicians for installation or ongoing maintenance

FarmBot does not require any equipment or infrastructure other than the Water Level Monitor - It is so simple and easy

The user does not have to worry about upgrading software, backups, and other complexities as this is all served from the Cloud. Customers onnly requirment is a mobile phone, tablet or a PC to access their data, history and alerts.

Provisioning / Customer Configuration

Farmbot Monitors come pre-configured ready for installation. As soon as they are switched on they are fully operational. On receipt of purchase of the Monitor, a questionnaire is sent requesting the following information:

  • Customer/Company Name, Address, Contact details (Phone, email etc.)
  • Tank name, maximum water height, high and low alert levels
  • Name and contact details for each user of the system (max 4 per tank)

Farmbot completes the initial configuration to ensure a simple hassle free experience for you. Customer details can be changed at any time by the customer in the system once their account is setup.

Customer Support
Farmbot provides phone and email based customer support. For the most part this is to answer questions about usage or capability or sometimes to change settings in the case that they are new to the system and not completely comfortable with technology. The Monitors are designed such that no maintenance is required. In the event that a level sensor probe has been damaged then these simply detach and a new one can be simply plugged in by the customer.

Farmbot provides a 2 year warranty on the Monitor modules that covers manufacturing faults and battery failure. Signs of physical impact or water within the unit (due to damage or opening of the box) will invalidate the warranty. If the unit is installed such that it receives no sunlight then warranty is void.

The separately charged, ongoing annual Data & Service fee covers:

  • All communication costs (Satellite, 3G etc.)
  • SMS charges for alerts sent to phones
  • Support for user issues and queries via phone or email.
  • Provision of the Farmbot Web Application on PC, Tablet & Phone
  • Access to the system from anywhere in the world, anytime
  • Storage of client data in a secure location and backups
  • Future upgrades to the system, improved analysis, user features etc.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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