Solar Pumping Solutions


Your future - Our commitment

child Our Mission

To provide best in class renwable energy products with accurate advice and excellent service and backup support.

Our Motto

Our motto is very simple and includes only three important points:

  1. Do the best you can,
  2. Do the right thing and
  3. Be kind to others.

Our Earth

Scientific consensus indicates that human activity, particularly the intensive use of carbon-based energy sources, is altering the earth’s atmosphere in a way that could profoundly affect the global climatic system. There is an urgent need for more efficient and sustainable water and energy solutions.

Whether you are upgrading an old bore, rethinking your stock water supply, starting a small power generating plant, installing water storage, building a new house (on or off grid) or renovating your home, contact us to achieve a superior solution for your water, wind or solar project that will be gentle to our environment.

Solar Pumping Solutions is a member of the Australian Water Association and the Clean Energy Council of Australia.