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Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems are the single most energy intensive appliance in the home, installing an Apricus solar hot water system can save you up to 80% on your water heating bills! Solar Pumping Solutions can supply any of Apricus' huge range from domestic to commercial hot water needs.

Before a system can be recommended, it is always a priority for us to speak with our customers to establish individual demand and specific information in relation to your home.

Please Contact Us to request a quote.

Apricus Australia have designed their solar hot water products to give you confidence that when you turn on that hot tap, you receive hot water, day in, day out for the life of the systemů More importantly, if anything unforeseen does occur you can call us, and know that we will be here to work in partnership with you to fix it, and get you back in hot water fast.

Apricus residential systems come in a wide range of sizes and boosting options to suit any household, in any climate. All Apricus solar hot water systems should be sized to suit each individual home and application, however a rough indication of the system size that you will need is shown below:

1-3 Bedrooms: 20-22 Tubes with a 250 litre Tank

3-4 Bedrooms: 30 Tubes with 315 litre Tank

4+ Bedrooms: 40 Tubes with 400 litre Tank

Apricus domestic hot water system