Grundfos CMBE 3-62 Booster Pump 5-93 Lpm

Grundfos CMBE 3-62 Booster Pump 5-93 Lpm

The Grundfos CME booster is a compact, frequency controlled booster pump designed for a range of domestic and light industrial application. The CME provides great comfort by supply constant pressure regardless of variation or supply inlet pressure. 

The CMBE3-62 will provide a constant 350 kPa for flows from 1 - 85 litres per minute, or, a constant 450 kPa for flows between 0 and 70 L/min.

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The Grundfos Scala2 is the ultimate in true constant pressure pumps.   This highly efficient yet powerful pump is suitable to provide constant pressure water to a beach house with 1 shower and a kitchen up to a 5-bedroom home with 2 bathrooms and everything in between.  Versatile, compact and extremely quiet (47 dBa), the Scala2 can be installed inside a cupboard, under the sink or, outside beside the tank.   True constant pressure means the perfect shower even if someone else turns on the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time.

  • Manufactured by Grundfos in a Grundfos factory in Europe,
  • 2 year warranty with an option to further extend - call for details,
  • Operates perfectly with water supplied by a tank, rainwater tank, reservoir or roof tank,
  • Can be used to boost town mains water pressure directly to your house, (site conditions apply)
  • Will lift water out of a well up to 8m deep,
  • Can be installed in a cupboard or outside beside the tank,
  • No cover required if the ambinet air temperature remains between 3 degrees C and 55 degrees C,
  • Cover only required in areas where frosts and freezing conditions are normal in winter,
  • Extremely quiet at only 47 dBa which is about the same noise level as a quiet modern dishwasher,
  • Flow rates to 60 litres per minute and pressures to 430 kPa,
  • Can operate from mains power, solar inverter power or, a generator,
  • Extremely efficient through low power consumption via the variable speed drive inverter technology.
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Additional Information

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