Delta Water Testing Kit

Delta Water Testing Kit

DELTA Water Sampling Kit 

The kit includes a water-sample bottle and questionnaire. All you have to do is collect your sample and mail it with the completed questionnaire in the postage-paid envelope provided. The sample is tested, a full report is compiled and you will be contacted personally to outline treatment options.

Through DELTAwater solutions, we can provide an in-depth advisory service about water treatment systems Australia. Delta's experienced specialist staff, dealing through a vast network of agents Australia-wide and with international connections, analyse water samples and make recommendations on water treatment technology options.

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How is the test conducted?

Your water samples will be tested under laboratory conditions, finding problems associated with calcium-magnesium mineral scale, hard water, iron, salinity, algae and corrosion. Test results ensure that the Delta can provide water treatment recommendations for your specific problem, then supply a product to suit your needs or custom-design one for you.

What types of water do we treat?

Delta’s water treatment products have provided successful treatment solutions for water from bores, wells, creeks, rivers, town supplies and some dams and has also shown great results in waste-water and mining situations.

DELTAwater solutions readily provides information and recommendations for a vast range of water uses from domestic, garden and stock-watering systems to irrigation, fruit and vegetables, hydroponics, swimming pools, evaporative air-conditioners, hot water systems, commercial coffee machines, processing plants and mining.


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