Tesla FAQ's

What components other than the Powerwall are needed to use the Tesla Powerwall?

SPS Solar is able to advise and install a complete solution including solar panels, inverter as well as the Tesla or,  assess your existing solar system and provide and install all the parts you need to get up and running with your new Tesla Powerwall. We can also measure your existing system output and help you decide whether or not you need to upgrade your system to allow enough excess power to be produced for storage in the Tesla.

Inverters - Which are currently compatible with the Tesla Powerwall?

Currently SolarEdge StorEdge (for Single Phase properties) and Fronius Symo Hybrid (for Three Phase properties) are compatible with the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery.

SPS Solar is able to provide and install all the parts you need to get up and running with a new Tesla Powerwall, including a compatible and appropriate inverter for your property and solar panels (or a system upgrade with rebates!).

Price - Will the batteries go down in price anytime soon?

After currency conversion, shipping costs from America to Australia, Australian import tax, warehouse storage costs, freight to the property, as well as the labor of installation and the required inverter and panels, it’s highly unlikely the cost is going to decrease anytime soon.

SPS Solar is offering the Tesla Powerwall and compatible inverter at the lowest costs in Australia.

Additionally, SPS Solar have good finance options avaliable to recommend to you. Depending on your home loan provider, you may also be able to refinance your home loan to cover this cost!

Company - How long has SPS Solar been around for and where do we service?

SPS Solar’s owner and director Steve Harding has been in the Solar Industry since 2002 and SPS Solar has been proudly providing solar solutions to Aussie customers since the company's inception. 

We have offices in NSW and install and service all of Australia as well as Oceania with our team of Certified Installers.

We’ve worked on some ground breaking projects here in Australia as well as supporting international customers in our Oceania region including solar for Banda Ache, Fiji and PNG. 

Check out some of our residential installations here.

Check out some of our commercial installations here.