Air Eliminator Valve

Air Eliminator Valve

AEHT-10 automatic air eliminator suitable for solar installations to cater for high stagnation temperatures. The AEHT-10 has no polymer components and is designed to handle temperatures in excess of 200°C.

The AEHT-10 has a copper float and DR brass components to comply with the Australian standards. All the “ O ” rings and seals used within the AEHT-10 are high temperature Viton.

The AEHT-10 is suitable for all plumbing installations where an automatic air eliminator is required to expel air from the piping system.

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High Temperature Solar Automatic Air Eliminator

AVG in consultation with the solar industry has developed a high temperature automatic air eliminator to handle the extreme conditions of the Australian summer.

Automatic air eliminators are usually fitted at the highest point of the flow and return plumbing installation to remove any air from the circulating pumped system.

With solar manufacturers in Australia and around the world developing more efficient solar collectors it has become necessary to come up with an automatic air eliminator able to cope with extremely high stagnation temperatures within the solar collector.

When the ground mounted storage hot water cylinder reaches the preset thermostat temperature setting the pump is turned off and the water within the solar collector can get extremely hot. This condition is called stagnation and solar collectors can reach temperatures up to 200°C.

These high temperatures have made it difficult to use the standard air eliminators currently on the market because they contain polymer components which can melt in this high temperature environment.

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Additional Information

Additional Information


Body Chrome plated DR Brass
Float Nickel Plated Copper
Seals and 'O' Rings High Temperature Viton
Inlet R 3/8" (BSP tapered)
Max Temperature 230 degrees
Max Pressure 1000 kPa